Apartment tour — living space


This post, along with several others, has been sitting in my drafts for several months. As you can see from the front page of this blog, I have posted here twice in the last year and a half. I had several things going on in my life and I became unmotivated by many of the things that I loved, including this blog and the content and images I created for it. Nursing school tends to take up a lot of time too. Now that I have been out of nursing school for a year and have a better grip on how to manage my time outside of school, I am eager to get back to taking photos and sharing them here. My motivation for posting here now is very different from what motivated me when I started this blog in 2011. I want this to be a journal of sorts. I will have a lot of the same content such as recipes and DIYs because those are things I love. I just want to include more of my life and things I like to do so that I can have these photos and posts to look back on in a few years.

So. That being said, I want to share pictures of my home with you today! These images are a little bittersweet now because I have to move in June. My home that is from the 1930s and filled with character has sadly been sold and will be replaced by a new home. I will cherish these photos of my first space!

I moved in to this apartment in May of 2013.  During college I lived in campus housing, so it was a big deal for me to finally be able to get a place of my own. The moving process could not have worked out any better for me.  Through a great connection that my Mom had I was able to see the space just before graduation and move in a couple of weeks later.

I live in an old house that has been split in to apartments.  In my apartment, there is no bedroom, just a ‘bed nook’ as one of college roommates dubbed it.  When I was younger I always thought it would be fun to live in a space like this.  Turns out that it is!  This apartment quickly felt like home to me and I love it (except for a few of the older home quirks, ha).  For now I am just sharing photos of my living/sleeping space, but I have photos of my entryway and kitchen with it’s dreamy built-ins that I will be sharing too.  I’ve been doing a good bit of cooking and baking lately, so be on the lookout for new recipes!


This is a view into the living area from my entryway, or vestibule as my Nannie likes to call it. What I love the most about my apartment is all of the natural light it gets. I am also a big fan of wood floors and was thrilled when there was no carpet to be found in this place. There is also a lot of storage here which is great.


This is a view looking toward the entryway. That wall was pretty bare for a while. It took me a some time to commit, but I finally hung some things up. I think the Ron Burgandy print is my favorite part.

living space 1



bed nook collage

This is the most comfortable bed that I’ve ever slept on. Memory foam mattresses are incredible. Coming home to this after a 12 hour shift is a dream. Figuring out what to put on the walls in the bed nook was a little tricky. I found the floral pieces at Target which worked out nicely. They are hung with little stickers which is great for a rental space.


Most of the items in this space I already had or reclaimed from family. I also love going to antique malls and flea markets, so a lot of the wall decorations and miscellaneous items I found and refinished.

I love this little home and I will be so sad to leave it. I feel sure I will find another great space though!

Stay tuned for kitchen photos!


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