Thrifty Thursday: White Lace


I love lace. That’s no secret.  While thrifting, I generally pick up anything and everything made out of lace before I give the other items a chance.

I got this dress at the Hip Zipper in East Nashville about 6 years ago. I found it while on a vintage store trip with my friend Hailey and her mom. She took us to lots of neat stores like this when we were younger and I really appreciate it.

I wore this dress in my high school senior pictures.  I still love it and enjoy wearing it in the summer.


Of course, I had to have a couple of bows thrown in my outfit too. I got these earrings at a vintage store on 8th. I can’t remember which one.

My shoes are the ones that I picked up at Goodwill and wrote about here.

These Thursdays sure do sneak up on me.  The week just seems to go by all too quickly.  I am treasuring this morning because I am working all weekend. I slept a little last night and will take a nap before work. That will be my pattern until Sunday.

I spent last night chasing one of my favorite duos, The Black Keys!  They played a secret show in town and filmed a music video. They only let 40 people in and we didn’t make it. It was still fun though! I actually had tickets already to a different show in town, so the night still turned out to be fun.

Have a great day!


My Great-Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

On Mother’s Day I went to my grandmother’s house with my family for dinner.  We got there a little bit early and looked through a few family photo albums.  All of the photos were wonderful.  I love hearing stories about our family history while looking through these albums.

After looking at pictures of my great-grandparents, my grandma decided to get out my great-grandmother Nana’s wedding dress.  I am so glad that she did and that she let me take a few photos.

My great-grandparents got married in July of 1928.

I instantly fell in love with the dress and all of the details that it has.  I adore most  anything with lace and I think that this is just beautiful.

I also love the black stitching on the cream fabric.

The dress has little snap closures along one side with a clasp at the waist.

I am so glad that we were able to take a look at this and listen to stories about my family.  It is amazing to me to think about the significance of this one dress.  My great-grandparents, Nana and Papa, were wonderful people that provided a great example of love and marriage.  It is incredible to look at all of my family members that I love dearly and to think that we are all here because of the love shown on the day that this dress was worn.

Thrifty Thursday: Polka Dots and Lace

Hello!  I hope that everyone is having a good week.

This Thursday I thought I would share pictures of this top that I got on my trip to Portland. I found it at Buffalo Exchange.  It was an amazing store.  I paid $7 for this top and it is going to be perfect for summer.  The back is mostly open, which I love.

The jeans are from Goodwill.  I have had them for quite a while, but they were a little tight when I bought them.  I tried them on again on a whim and they fit.  They are super high waisted. I’m still not sure if I really like them or not, but it was fun to wear them for the day.

My roommate snapped these pictures while we were at the Main Street festival in Franklin.  We loved the festival. She got a great dress on sale and we had a good time walking around.

I took my camera bag along so that I could have my camera close by.  This bag is just wonderful.  It holds everything that I need. Everything.

These are two of my favorite rings. They are both family rings.   I wear the one seen on the left most everyday.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.