Star Trek Christmas Tree


Although my apartment was wonderfully decorated for Christmas this year, now that I’m home for break I am really enjoying seeing our Christmas trees everyday.


Every year my aunt gets my dad a Star Trek ornament.  A few years ago my mom got a slightly smaller tree dedicated to the Star Trek ornaments.  A lot of them talk or light up and it’s really fun to look at.  It’s always a big hit when people come over.




This is a shot of the whole tree.  I love it!!

Here are a few of the ornaments from our other tree:





My brother brought this one back from his semester in Vienna this year.


This one is circa 1995. Oh, the backwards ‘s’ stage.

We had our annual family cookie party over the weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I had to leave a little early to get to a birthday celebration, but I always love spending time with my family.  I’ve got a little bit of Christmas shopping left to do and am glad to have a couple of days off to get everything taken care of.  I’m starting to get really excited for Christmas day!


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