Lollapalooza in Chicago

At the beginning of August I went up to Chicago with a friend to attend Lollapalooza, a music festival.  We had an awesome time. We stayed for three extra days after the festival was over to explore the city a little bit more. I wanted to share some pictures with you of our trip. Some are from my phone and some are from my camera.

We took the Megabus from Nashville to Chicago. This was the first time that either of us had taken the Megabus before. Overall, it was a great experience. It costs us $13 to get there and $7 to get back. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!

Here in the bottom left picture you can see one of the stages in the distance. The festival is held in Grant Park, so you are able to see the Chicago skyline from all stages. The Black Angels are in the bottom right.

This was taken while looking back just before The Shins started playing. We were about five rows back for this show. Looking back and seeing so many people was amazing! I was so excited for this show and it lived up to my expectations.

The Black Keys played after The Shins and we were able to move up to row two. This was such an incredible show. When I saw them at Bonnaroo last year we were far from the stage surrounded by lots of people talking loudly. I wanted to make sure that did not happen this time around. I had such a wonderful experience at this show.

The next day they evacuated everyone from the festival due to weather. Lollapalooza has more regulations to follow since it is in the middle of the city. I took this as we were walking back in when the storm ended. One band that I really wanted to see (Alabama Shakes) did not get to play, but luckily they are playing a free show in Nashville soon.

This was while we were walking to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What a view!

Another perk of this festival was that we were able to go out in the city after a day at the festival. One night we went a had an amazing duck dinner with Katie’s friend that we were staying with.

The days after the festival we did a lot in the city.This was taken at one of our favorite breakfast places in Southport/Lakeview.

We took a boat tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

We also went to The Art Institute of Chicago.

And Millennium Park.

We made it to The Signature Room before we left for dessert. I just love the view from here. I wrote about it in my previous Chicago post also.

We had such an amazing time on this trip. It was great break before school started back. Now that I have discovered the Megabus I hope to take more trips to Chicago. I love that city!

I hope that you all are doing well. I can’t believe that I have been absent from this blog for a month!  Hopefully that won’t happen again now that school has started back and I have a regular schedule. This blog served as a way to escape my school work at times last semester and I am sure that I will need it this semester as well. I am in for a crazy few months!


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