Thrifty Thursday: White Lace


I love lace. That’s no secret.  While thrifting, I generally pick up anything and everything made out of lace before I give the other items a chance.

I got this dress at the Hip Zipper in East Nashville about 6 years ago. I found it while on a vintage store trip with my friend Hailey and her mom. She took us to lots of neat stores like this when we were younger and I really appreciate it.

I wore this dress in my high school senior pictures.  I still love it and enjoy wearing it in the summer.


Of course, I had to have a couple of bows thrown in my outfit too. I got these earrings at a vintage store on 8th. I can’t remember which one.

My shoes are the ones that I picked up at Goodwill and wrote about here.

These Thursdays sure do sneak up on me.  The week just seems to go by all too quickly.  I am treasuring this morning because I am working all weekend. I slept a little last night and will take a nap before work. That will be my pattern until Sunday.

I spent last night chasing one of my favorite duos, The Black Keys!  They played a secret show in town and filmed a music video. They only let 40 people in and we didn’t make it. It was still fun though! I actually had tickets already to a different show in town, so the night still turned out to be fun.

Have a great day!


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