Thrifty Thursday

I hope that everyone has had a good Thursday.

This is a dress that I plan to wear more often.  I re-discovered it in my closet the other day.  This dress came from my grandmother’s house.  It was my aunt’s when she was younger.

I think that it is so cute and I love the fit.

It has this great little belt that goes through a loop that is slightly too small for the width of the fabric. It creates this nice little bow!  I do love anything with a bow.

I also have a new found love for peter pan collars.  I just can’t get enough.

That’s about all I have for you today. My day has been a little busy.

I’ve been taking care of this guy today.  I’m afraid that he is not feeling very well at all. He has never been much of a lap cat, but has taken to naps in mine the past couple of days.

It’s night shift time.  Have a great evening!


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