Thrifty Thursday: New Shoes!

I must go on and tell you that the shoes are the only thing thrifted in this post.

They have quickly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I have worn them nearly everyday this week.  I just got them last week.  I got them at Goodwill, of course.

The dress is from Lulu’s. I LOVE the back of it and the color is perfect. It will work it’s way in to many of my summer outings I’m sure. I wore it to the Ingrid Michaelson show on Monday and dancing at the Keep on Movin’ dance party at the 5 spot afterwards. It held up wonderfully.

You can purchase the dress here. I signed up for their mailing list and got $5 off. Also check out the Lulu’s blog if you get a chance!

Yay for incredible thrifted shoes, a new dress, and getting to wear my nose ring for 5 whole days. It’s the little things, right?


One thought on “Thrifty Thursday: New Shoes!

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