Thrifty Thursday: Sweater With A Side Of Sleep Deprivation

This has quickly become one of my favorite sweaters since I purchased it in the fall.  I found this lovely item (along with a couple of other new favorites) on a trip to the Goodwill Outlet.   I have mentioned the Goodwill Outlet a couple of times previously on this blog, but let me explain to you again this wonderful place.

Walking in to the outlet can be quite overwhelming.  They do not have things placed on racks, lined up nicely in a certain section, etc.  You must go there ready to dig (and fight) for what you want. The clothes, shoes, toys, and home goods are all in big blue bins.  Every now and then the employees will take the bins away to refill them and no one is allowed to touch anything in the bin until they give the go ahead.  When they say ‘go’ people nearly dive in.  IT IS CRAZY. And I love it.  The great thing about shopping here is that clothes are purchased according to their weight.  It may have a tag on it that says 8 dollars, but that is not what you will pay.  I payed 75 cents for this sweater!  Score.

This time I chose to pair the sweater with a maxi dress that I have had for several years. I love having pieces in my closet that I can wear many different ways.

This week has been a little crazier than planned.  I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night, so I am quite looking forward to my impending nap.  I thought I was mostly done with homework assignments, but that was just not the case.  This time I can say with full confidence that I do only have one more assignment.  I will hand it in tomorrow and then I will be through with this semester.  I went to my last class today and it is such a great feeling to know that this semester is so close to being over.  I am ready to put this one behind me and move on to the last two!

Have a great day, everyone.  Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Sweater With A Side Of Sleep Deprivation

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear that you like it! Long skirts have been great for the transitional weather we have been having.

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