Yard Sale Seychelles!

This past weekend my mom stumbled upon the yard sale of all yard sales.  She got so many great things.  One of which is this fun pair of leather Seychelles boots! I have admired Seychelles shoes for quite a while, but I can’t afford most of the things I like on my little nursing school budget!  Now I am the proud owner of a pair of boots that were only worn 1-2 times for a photo shoot.

My roommate, Kaleesha, was kind enough to let me borrow this wonderful dress today.  She also took these pictures for me.

I am not good at taking serious pictures. Usually about 3/4 of the ones we take look like the one above.

I love the details on the side!  These shoes are very different from others that I have.  They are also incredibly comfortable.

This is the face that I made when my dress nearly flew up over my head.  We were taking these pictures on campus where I have gotten in trouble before for wearing a dress with spaghetti straps before.  I’d hate to see how much my fine would be if I lost my dress all together.

Hooray for yard sales!


2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Seychelles!

  1. I love the dress-over-head face. I seriously laughed out loud in the middle of class. Love the boots, love you!

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