My Travel Journals — Yes. I actually keep and read them.

Here are some reasons why.

— Trips can be very fast paced and hectic.  Even if it seems like a hassle at the time, I think that it is well worth it to take some time in between activities or at the end of the day to document what all you’ve done, seen, loved, hated, etc. Nothing is too seemingly unimportant to write down! What if you revisit most-awesome-city-ever and can’t remember the name of the most-awesome-breakfast-place-ever?


— I’m not sure about you guys, but I love to laugh at myself.  I do some rather silly things.  Lucky for me, it always seems like a good idea to write these silly thoughts and things down at the time.  Here is an example from my Spain journal:

“I just hope Spain is ready for my non- R rolling, pale, bad-dancer self.”

 I blame that one on lack of sleep. Although, if I am being honest I say much sillier things all the time with plenty of sleep.

Feel free to laugh with me. 

–I also love to write about the random connections I make with people while on trips (also seen in the above example).  I usually meet some pretty great people. I was especially diligent about writing down some connections and suggestions while in the northwest since there is a possible move in the near future.

— I have found that I like to keep a bigger journal (like the one on the left) in my suitcase especially on longer trips.  I keep something similar to the smaller journal (on the right) in my purse at all times.  The smaller journals are great for keeping up with names of restaurants and things like that.

— These journals have also been so helpful when trying to figure out when and where I took certain pictures!  Sometimes I just can’t remember and I may upload hundreds at once.  Usually I can go back through my pictures and match them up by day according to my journal.

Did you happen to forget what airport you flew in to? Probably not. Airports tend to make an impression.

Anyway, if you did forget there is no need to worry because it is in the journal!


These are just some of the reasons why I love keeping a travel journal!  I hope that this post can convince the non-believers and encourage you who already journal to break out the old ones and read them.


5 thoughts on “My Travel Journals — Yes. I actually keep and read them.

  1. Yes, what a good idea. I did not start this until my sister wrote a journal of a trip we made together and made a copy for me. Now I know that to remember where I have been and where– I must keep a written record.

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