Life Lately

This week I did something bad.  Very very bad.

I joined the dairy queen blizzard fan club.   It’s not like I needed another reason to go and get a blizzard, but now that I will periodically get free blizzards nothing can stop me!

Here is a look at a few things that I did this week.

Monday I went to Ugly Mugs and I treated myself to some fancy coffee.  Well, whipped cream and chocolate with a little coffee.

This week my phone got confused and thought I was still in Seattle. It still gave me directions via I-65 which is odd. It was a cruel trick to play.

My recipe for mini puffed pancakes was on Foodgawker!  A big thanks to everyone that visited my post.

Last night I went to Meet n’ 3 at the farmers’ market.  Here is my delicious strawberry-mint italian soda from the Sugar Wagon.  Their italian soda bar is great along with the ice cream sandwiches and other tasty treats!

I also had a macaroni and cheese burger from the MereBulles truck while there. I try not to eat a ton of red meat, but this just looked too good to pass up.  It was one of the best burgers I have ever had.

That’s just a little bit about my week.  Overall, it was a good one.  I hope that all of you had a good week as well.


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