Train Travel

Vancouver, WA Amtrak station.

I have taken a train before, but it was in Spain when I went to the Dali museum. My trip to the Northwest last month allowed me to ride on the Amtrak train system for the first time. I had a wonderful experience.   Everything from getting the ticket to getting off the train went quickly and smoothly.

For part of my trip I sat next to an older woman that takes the train often to see her daughter.  She was wonderful and taught me a lot about the areas that we passed by.  I love riding trains because I feel like I get to know the area that I am traveling in and not just the specific city.  I love taking everything in and meeting the people that I am surrounded by.  It is my favorite way to travel.  I hope that I get to do it again very soon.

Here are some pictures that I snapped while on the train.

I know there are a lot of pictures of the mountains, but they are just so damn gorgeous that I kept snapping.

I miss the northwest terribly and cherish all of the pictures and memories from this trip!

You can read more about my trip to Portland and Seattle here, here, and here.


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