DIY — Clock Hand Earrings

I am so excited to share this jewelry tutorial with you today!  I have been wanting to make these earrings for a couple of weeks now and I finally got to do it.

I have a thing for long earrings.  I have been wanting a more plain pair and decided to just make my own.  It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago while looking around my office that clock hands would make just what I was wanting!

Off to Goodwill I went.

This is the clock that I picked out at Goodwill.  It is marked $4, but I got it half off.  It was pretty scratched and broken.

I started by taking the back off the clock.  This loosened the clock hands so that I could get them out of the clock.

Next, I flipped the clock over.  The plastic cover easily popped off with the help of a knife.

Once the clock hands were out I opened up the earring hooks so that I could attach them to the hands.  This is seen in the hook on the left.

Since the top of the clock hands was thicker than the opening on the earring hook, I used some of the thin beadalon wire and crimps seen in my previous earring tutorial. This allows the clock hands to move a little and the earring hooks attached easily.

Then I attached the earring hooks and that was it!  All done.

These are very simple and I will be able to wear them with lots of outfits.  Since they were pretty easy to make I plan to look for other clocks with different kinds of clock hands and make a couple more pairs!  These would also make a wonderful gift.

What do you think?


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