I Love Doughnuts

I few days back I mentioned dedicating an entire post to the doughnuts I had while in the northwest.  The time has come. Here it is.

Let’s start with Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon.

This is the doughnut that I had.  It is called the old dirty bastard. It has chocolate icing, crushed oreos, and peanut butter drizzled on top. Above that is the voodoo doughnut that my friend had.

The lovely area with the lights is where we sat to eat our doughnuts.  I loved this place and plan to go back!


Now on to Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle.

Top Pot was also quite yummy.  The bar doughnut seen on the right is their best seller.  The other doughnut is filled with raspberry and covered in powdered sugar.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


I still love Donut Den here in Nashville. They have my heart until I move.


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