Almond Butter

This past weekend I made almond butter for the first time.  It was super easy and it tastes great.  I made some oatmeal cookies with it the next day.

It is slightly strange that I made almond butter because I usually don’t eat nuts. At all.  I always try to find someone else to eat them from my bowl of chex mix.  I am trying to learn to like them and I thought this might be a good start.  Baby steps.

First you need to roast the almonds. I roasted 1 cup of raw almonds on a baking sheet at 300^ for 20 minutes.  They should look slightly darker.  You should be able to smell them a little bit.  The above picture shows the roasted almond on the left and a raw almond on the right so you can see the color difference.

Once the almonds have cooled put them in a food processor on high.  After a couple of minutes you should have something that looks like the picture above.

Keep on blending and you will get something that looks more like a powder.

Keep going!

This is what it should look like after some more blending.  The oils will start to come out of the almonds and it will turn in to a creamy spread. Yum!

All done.  Use it however you like.  The one cup of almonds made enough to nearly fill a 6oz mason jar.


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