Back To Reality

Another brief blog hiatus has come and gone–And so has my spring break. I am back from my all too quick trip to the Northwest.

I had my roommate snap a couple of pictures of what I was wearing today.  The weather was so nice that of course I had to wear a dress.  The temperature got up to 78^!  I think that means it is time to go retrieve some sandals and warm weather clothes.  Luckily, I always keep a couple of dresses that can be worn in warm or chilly weather.  This dress was brought to me all the way from New York City.  I wish I knew the name of the shop it came from.  The owners sound fantastic and I would love to stop in when I visit the city- which better be soon!

Sweater- Goodwill Outlet Watch- Fossil

That’s what the rest of our week looks like.  Eek!

Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday.  Tomorrow I will show you pictures from Portland.

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