Travel photo journal: Parc Guell — Barcelona, Spain

Today I want to share with you another set of pictures that I took while I was in Barcelona.  These pictures are from a visit to Parc Guell, which is another example of Gaudi’s architecture in the city.

Parc Guell was originally supposed to be a housing site. It was designed so that the residents would be able to have a market and several other things on site. Gaudi wanted for residents to be able to enjoy open designs that provided great views of the city. The  plan did not quite work out and it has been turned in to a garden that visitors can come to.  There is no charge unless you choose to go to the little Gaudi museum.

These two houses are situated at the front of the Parc.

This piece by Gaudi greets visitors as they enter the Parc.

The long bench pictured here is lovely and surprisingly comfortable.  It can be a little hard to find a place to sit down when the park is crowded. I managed to snag one.

There are a lot of vendors and performers that will congregate in the open area here.

Oh, look! It’s Sagrada Familia.

There I am. Climbing on something that I probably wasn’t supposed to.  Good thing my friend cut that part out of the photo.

I hope that I get to visit this place again someday.

That’s all I have for now.  I am sure that I will share more stories and pictures from Spain soon.  For now, I must keep working on homework.  I took my third test in three days today.  I have a couple of homework assignments to do tonight and then I plan on not looking at anymore homework until Saturday. I went to my favorite coffee shop in town for the first time in about 3 weeks yesterday. That is surprising for anyone that knows me- even if only a little.  I was quite productive there so I may give that another try tonight.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures.


2 thoughts on “Travel photo journal: Parc Guell — Barcelona, Spain

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