A look inside my camera bag

Just look at that beautiful bag!  I love it so much.  It holds a camera (with attached lens), two other lenses, a battery pack, charger, wallet, cell phone, keys, and mini tripod with a little room leftover.

For several months I have been looking for a camera bag that can hold all of my things.  I have had no luck.  All of the ones that I found were at lease $100 and that was not exactly in my price range. I also wanted something a little fashionable.  I was beginning to think I was asking for too much.  Let me show you how I solved my problem.

Obviously, the large space that my GorillaPod is sitting in is where my camera goes.  It is not pictured because, well, I was taking these pictures with it.  The two dividers to the right hold my other two lenses. The side pockets hold my battery charger, keys, phone, etc. The GorillaPod usually sits on top of all of this.

I purchased the bag at TJ Maxx for around $20. I love the style of the bag and the shape and size is just perfect.

I then bought this insert to go in the bag from Amazon.  As you can see, the flap can either be closed over the top or tucked underneath (that’s how I keep it). I highly recommend this insert.  It has plenty of padding on all sides and is the perfect size.

I just love how perfectly this camera bag turned out. Also, if I ever want to use a different bag all I have to do is put the insert in the new bag!  Brilliant.

Just in case you are curious these are the two lenses that I have gotten since purchasing my camera.  This little lens  on the right is my new favorite.  I am using it all the time!

This concludes our tour.

What do you think?

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