Three Step Sock Bun

Happy Sunday!  Lately I have been admiring the sock buns that I have seen around Pinterest.  My roommate (and model) Kaleesha suggested that we post a tutorial for a sock bun.  I took a few step by step pictures to show you all.  This is a very quick, simple hair style.  I have so much hair that I do not think that it would work for me, but it looks cute on others!


1. Cut the toe off of the sock.  We just used an unmatched sock, but it would be preferable to use one closer to your hair color.

2. Roll the sock up like a doughnut.

3. Pull your hair through the hole of the sock doughnut and begin to roll your hair with the sock towards your head. It will look a little messy at first, but just keep going and it turns out wonderfully!

— Secure your new bun and you’re done!


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