All that glitters is gold

I must admit something to you…I did not like glitter shoes until about 3 weeks ago.  I mean reallyreally disliked.  Sure, there were a few pairs along the way that I thought were sort of cute, but for the most part I could never see myself wearing glitter shoes.

Well, that all changed when I spotted a fabulous pair while out at my favorite coffee shop.  When I started shopping online the price tags were astounding!

I decided to make my own pair instead of spending tons of money.

These are my shoes before I started the makeover.  I purchased these at the beginning of last semester at the Goodwill Outlet for about $1.  I gave them a good scrubbing inside and out and then mostly forgot about them.  Yes- they are mens shoes.

The first thing I did was put painters tape around the heel and edges of the shoe.  I did not want and spray paint or glitter anywhere except the leather of the shoe.

Next, I did a little spray painting. This picture shows one coat of spray paint vs. two coats.

This is a picture of my formerly yucky mens shoes after two coats of spray paint. I purchased this spray paint at Michael’s for about $5. 

I then made my glitter paste.  I bought a 4 oz. bottle of glossy Mod Podge at Michael’s and  large gold glitter pieces at Walmart. The glitter came in a large shaker and was only $3. I have tons leftover.  I mixed these two things together in a bowl I didn’t plan to use again.  I used slightly more glitter than mod podge in this mixture.  Use your judgement. I wanted my shoes super glittery.

After one coat of glitter-mod podge paste.

After two coats of glitter-mod podge paste.

The finished shoes!  They are crazy, but I like them!

I finished the project by spraying a couple of coats of a waterproof sealer I had on hand.

Take a look at this:

I promise this is the same pair of shoes I started out with.

This project cost me about $10. I wore these shoes for about 5 hours yesterday and did not leave much of a glitter trail.  Mixing the glitter with the mod podge really helps with this.  The sealer afterward is added security.

What do you think?

Click here to see how I styled these shoes in an outfit post.

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18 thoughts on “All that glitters is gold

  1. awesome awesome awesome! i made a pair last year but the glitter bits always left a littel trail. i’ll have to try the waterproof sealer and see if it helps. thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love how some parts are glittery and some are just painted gold, it looks great!
    I plan on making glitter shoes at some point, just deciding on the shoe…

  3. So that’s why you wanted to borrow my painter’s tape. The shoes look fab. Can I have my tape back now? Thanks.

  4. Oh, I’m in love!
    I will definitely try this myself anytime soon! But I might unfortunately have to wait until the snowy weather here in Norway are gone before I can use the fabulous shoes..

  5. Love the shoes! I work at a Goodwill and love to recycle old things myself!. I will passing this makeover project on to my customers for sure!

  6. Hey Allis!
    I think your blog is really cool, and I’ll definitely be keeping up with it. The bracelet you made looks really good!

  7. Pingback: Is it a cardigan or is it a jacket? I do not know. | Simply Allis

    • It may dull the glitter slightly, but I don’t think it would make too much of a difference. You could always add a bit of gloss with a spray sealer at the end of the process if you would like. Good luck and I hope your project turns out well!

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