Chicago — photo journal and travel tips

This past May I went to Chicago for the first time.  I absolutely loved the city.  I’m going to share some pictures with you as well as some ways that we saved money while there.

The hotel that we stayed in was in a wonderful location downtown– Just one block away from Michigan Avenue.  We stayed at the Red Roof Inn on East Ontario Street.  Overall, it was a decent place to stay.  It was reasonably priced which was very important to us.  I used my AAA discount and after we split the price between four, we each ended up paying only $80 for a two night stay.  Well worth it.  Again- perfect location.

The next way that we saved was taking the ‘L’ train from the airport to our hotel.  It was not a long walk at all and since we only stayed two nights and three days we packed lightly so that we were able to carry our belongings easily. This single ride was $2.25. A cab could have easily been $40 – $50. For more information on Chicago public transport click here.

We did a little exploring downtown near the hotel after dropping our bags off.

The water tower pictured has a free little museum that is open to the public.

After exploring a little we were quite hungry and went to Pizzeria Uno. We got one pesto pizza with fresh tomato slices and all split the price which also saved money. It was still more than we could eat. I dream about this pizza.

We visited a park next to the lake with a great view of the skyline to look around and take some pictures.

The navy pier pictured below is also a fun place to walk around.  It only costs money if you get a ticket to ride the ferris wheel, food, etc.  Unfortunately, when we were there the ferris wheel was not operating under summer hours yet.  This was good for our wallets, but a little disappointing.

The next day we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Millennium Park.  Both of these things were free.  The Museum of Contemporary Art is free on Tuesdays for IL residents, but this summer they had hours that allowed us to get in free on Tuesday also. Below are pictures of Millennium Park.

Later that night we got dressed up and went to the Chicago Symphony. Shortly before we left we were able to secure student tickets for just $10 a piece.  After the symphony we went for dessert at the Signature Room.  This is an awesome restaurant on the 95th floor of the John Hancock center. It does not cost to ride the elevator up to the Signature Room.  The views are incredible (comparable to the Sears Tower – without the price tag of the elevator ride) and the dessert was great at about $8 a plate. Below is a picture of the view.

The next day we shopped a bit on Michigan Avenue and visited the Art Institute.

There you have it– the highlights of our trip to Chicago.  I would love to go back.  It is a wonderful city.

What are your favorite things to do in the Chicago?

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