Salvador Dali Museum — Figueres, Spain

The Salvador Dali museum is the most fascinating museum I have ever been to.  In the  summer of 2010 I spent a month in Barcelona, Spain.  While there I took the 1.5 hour train ride to visit Figueres- Dali’s hometown where the museum is located. They allowed pictures to be taken in most of the exhibits. I took several photos and was sure to put away the camera some too so that I could take in all the crazy, wonderful-ness.

If you would like to learn more about the museum please visit their site here.

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3 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Museum — Figueres, Spain

    • I did visit the jewelry collection. The ruby lips with pearls for teeth was probably my favorite piece. I’m glad to hear that you have visited the museum also!

  1. Wow.
    Key to Salvador Dali’s art is his pursuit of concretization of dreams. This involves a credible breach in the civilizational habit of taking reality as fixed entity. Art such as this has to be hyper real in details. This exactness of minute attributes is fraught with danger as modern art abhors photo-realism and definitely the spatial illusion is a raging anathema in the canon of modern art. This is a testimony to ‘freakish talent’ of Dali that he pulled off the audacious artistic coup of ‘renaissance like modern art’.

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