Thanks, Paula

Oh, Paula Deen. I have a love – hate relationship with you.

I think you all can understand what I mean.  Love because I haven’t had a Paula recipe I didn’t enjoy and hate because– well, let’s face it her recipes aren’t always healthy. I suppose they are great if you are following the butter diet.

All that aside,  you must make these cookies!  They are so delicious. I have made them three times now.  Click the link for the full recipe (a video too) and check out the pictures for a brief overview and to see the ones I made!

chocolate gooey butter cookies

Cream together butter and cream cheese

Beat in an egg

(Have you ever thought about how funny looking eggs are?  I have.)

And some vanilla

This is what the dough should look like now

Shape the dough in to balls about the size of a tablespoon. Roll them in powdered sugar. Lots of it.

Bake at 350^ for 12 minutes.

Now eat them all before anyone else sees them. 

This is the key.

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