Sufjan Stevens, The Christmas Unicorn

On Tuesday evening I went to Chattanooga to see one of my favorite artists, Sufjan Stevens.  He just released a new Christmas album, Silver & Gold, and played a Christmas show for us!  I had no idea he was even touring, but thankfully while I was out of town my friend, Ryne, texted me about it and picked up a ticket for me. We drove down in the late afternoon to get there in time for doors and left as soon as the show was over.  I even got some studying done in the car (in between sing alongs, of course)!

Occasionally, he would take a break from playing original music and someone would come up and spin the Christmas wheel. Everyone would shout at them and make noise while it was spinning.  Sufjan lead us in a sing-along to the song that the arrow landed on.  It was so fun!  I’m a lost cause if that doesn’t keep me in the Christmas spirit.

(This picture taken from Katie’s Instagram)

Of course, we had to look a little crazy and Christmas-y. Practically everyone had some sort of Christmas themed piece of clothing on. It was really fun to look at all of the sweaters.

What’s gets you in the Christmas spirit?  Christmas day will be here before we know it!

Cumberland Mountain State Park

About a month ago I went to Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville with my family. It is one of our favorite spots and it was great to go there for a weekend.  I’m so thrilled that I am going back in January or February with a group of friends! Here are a few pictures from our trip.

This is the deck on the back of our cabin.


There used to be a bridge here connecting to a trail on the other side.

This is my dad and I pretending to step out on to the bridge.  I’m not sure what happened to my leg.  It appears to have gone missing in this photo.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this week!  This semester has absolutely flown by.  I had Friendsgiving last night and ate way too much.  We had about 15 people and everyone had tons of fun. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family.  We always host Thanksgiving at my house. It ends up being about 25 people and we have such a good time!  My family is pretty awesome.

After Thanksgiving break we have just about 3 weeks until the end of this hellacious semester.  I plan to immediately go in to finals mode after break since my labs and clinicals are over as of today. That means my coffee pot will always be brewing strong coffee and my hair will remain tied on top of my head and out of my way so that I don’t chop it all off in my frustrated state.  At the end of those three weeks I will celebrate and then celebrate some more. I don’t know how yet. Probably by sleeping and going to work. Exciting, right?

I cannot wait!

Yes, I am wearing another cream, lace dress.



I don’t think I need to tell you about my love for lace dresses (especially cream ones) again. There are enough pictures on this blog to tell you that. My friend Katie got this dress at Urban Outiftters.  She is kind enough to let me wear it. I absolutely love it.  I wore it with my favorite oversized sweater and Topshop booties. I was able to get away with wearing it still because we haven’t had any super cold days in Nashville yet. This morning was a little on the chilly side though!

I went to see my friend Jessica yesterday and we took these pictures while we were out in East Nashville.

Liam came with us on this little adventure.  Isn’t he the cutest?

On Tuesday I went to a little Nashville blogger meet up at Stone Fox.  It was so great to meet everyone! I had a lot of fun hanging out and I hope to see everyone again soon. I really liked Stone Fox.  It was my first time to go there. One of the other bloggers told me that there was a Weezer cover band there over the weekend!! I hope to go next time they play.